The 2 Different Categories Of Water Damage

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When I had some water coming into the home it started to get to be rather hard to stop the water. This is when I found out that the water that was coming in the home was actually starting to get the damage that I did not need to have. However, I quickly found out that the water damage came in different categories and this was something that I did not even realize was going to happen.

water damage types

I know that when I found out about the different categories I started to learn more about the ratings that were present. The above image is a depiction of water damage in a home in bend, OR before a water damage restoration team got there.

These were something that helped me make the right decision on how to get the water damage treated. When I was able to get this information I was finally able to get all the repairs done properly and not have to be concerned about the damage in the home moving from one category to another. Without this, I was going to automatically think that it was going to be nearly impossible for me to treat my house properly for the water damage that could happen on a regular basis. However, with this information it helped me know how to treat the damage.

How To Personally Deal With Mold Damage In Your Home

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One of the worst problems that can develop after you have had flooding in your home is the development of mold on your floors and walls. You can also get mold on your ceilings, and especially in the basement area if the flooding was extensive.

In order for this to prevent mold from getting worse, there are a couple things that you can do with household items that can prevent the mold from spreading spores and moving throughout your house.


The first thing you should do is try to identify areas where mold has developed which is usually obvious due to the black or dark color that mold tends to have. It will develop near windowsills, under carpet, and virtually any other area where the flooding occurred. I remember this one time in Las Vegas, there was a huge flood and mold started to grow less than 12 hours later. Luckily, there was a water/mold removal team in place to fix everything, you can see them here.

The items that you will want to have to do this type of repair, which will require you to wipe the mold That you visually see with a paper towel or cloth, includes Clorox or bleach which can kill the mold, and also using ammonia. I got the idea for Clorox bleach from The Houston Water, a restoration company in Houston.

One thing you must never do is mix ammonia with Clorox as bleach and ammonia together causes toxic fumes. You must choose one or the other when you are tackling the mold damage in your home, as either one will do a fine job of making sure the existing mold does not spread while you are waiting for a mold professional to complete the job.

What Exactly Is Water Damage Restoration?

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If you have recently had flooding in your home as a result of floodwaters that have come in due to extensive storms in the area, or perhaps you had a water pipe break or your septic tank has backed up into your house, you will need to clean up from this type of disaster which is called water damage restoration.

According to Charlotte’s Serious Restoration, This type of restoration involves many different steps, but a simple definition is to simply get your home back to its original state prior to the flooding. Although there are no government regulations that dictate certain procedures, using common sense is usually good enough.

If you had flooding from a broken pipe, and it was not very extensive, this might be something you can cleanup on your own. The only thing you have to worry about is whether or not mold will develop in areas where the flooding occurred, which can be taken care of with either Clorox or ammonia.



If the flooding brought in particulate matter from a storm, or you had sewage backup onto your floor, you’re going to need a professional water damage restoration company to come in to not only clean up the mess in a sanitary fashion, but also spray the area with chemicals to ensure that bacteria and viruses do not develop. It’s always best to use a professional to help you restore your home from water damage that has occurred in order to protect your family from potential diseases, and also to make sure that everything is returned back to normal.

P.S. If you live in the Orange County/Costa Mesa area and need a restoation specialist, then be sure to use OCWaterguys. They pretty much cleaned up all the water damage in my house in less than 12 hours. Check them out here -

The Best Way To Repair A Burst Pipe Leak

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If you have ever had the misfortune of coming home to a flooded floor as a result of a burst pipe, one that has been leaking for quite some time, you make it yourself for not having fixed this earlier before it created this larger mess.

water damage fix

Although your first inclination would be to call a plumber in order to resolve this issue, there are some things that you can do on your own that won’t cost you but a couple dollars, allowing you to partially repair the problem before the plumber can come out to fix it completely. This is especially a problem in areas like Dallas and Austin where water damage is much more prevalent when it comes to burst pipes.

One of the easiest ways to fix a pipe that has burst is to get a patch kit. If the local hardware store is nearby, you can simply pick one up. These will come with a large piece of rubber, similar to what you would find on an inner tube for a bicycle.

There will also be what is called a C-clamp that will hold everything in place. Simply turn the water off at the water main, dry the area, and place the rubber over the ruptured area. You will then need a wrench to securely fasten the C-clamp into place.

This allows you to turn your water back on if you need to, and become functional until the plumber is able to arrive. This is the best way to fix a leaky pipe that has burst prior to calling a plumber to finish the job.